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Boughy and new owner Ray Probasco
Boughy and new owner Ray Probasco

Thanks goes to the breeder and the trainer (the one who trained Boughy so well). His breeding must have been well selected. His temperment is terrific. Of course, he is still has some puppy in him and he demonstrates his onryness at times. He loves his squeeky toys -- especially when we are trying to sleep. He likes to play with them by our bed - sometimes, he even brings them on the bed to try to wake us up. It is adorable.

My dad and I are both encountering a similar story. Each of our friends that meet him offer to take him if we don't want him. That usually happens after they have been with Boughy about 10 minutes.

When new people come in the house, he takes awhile to "be friendly", but we have learned that if he is on either my dad's or my lap at first, he does great. I guess it is the protect the master instinct. We have told everyone that he is not leaving us!

Pattye Probasco

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