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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are all shelties hyper, and do they all bark so much?

A: Temperament DOES run in the genes, and shelties should NOT be hyper, or"recreation barkers". Breeders should consider this when breeding. Shelties are herding dogs and it is allowable for them to bark during work, as it gives them more power. The Border collie, however, is faulted if it barks during work, as they are to use their eyes for power and intimidation.

Unfortunately, many breeders do not consider habitual barking a problem, and just get everyone debarked. That is a subject unto itself, and I feel, a necessary evil at times. Habitual barking is frequently a sign of nervousness, insecurity, or boredom, and usually accompanies "hyper" temperaments. HYPER TEMPERAMENTS ARE TOTALLY WRONG! Shelties must be confident and self-assured to reach their potential. Training does instill confidence and bonding/taking direction from the owner. The sheltie, as a working dog, needs this direction. So even though it is hard, DON'T SPOIL THEM TOO MUCH!


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